Maria Spadafora

Public Speaker

Wellness, Motivation, and Energy

Maria Spadafora is a wellness specialist and professional public speaker.

Her ability to inspire and entertain is unmatched and you can be confident in your choice to have her at your next event.

Seminars & Events

There is never a dull moment when Maria is on stage, and great energy is part of her charm.  Her large personality fills the room with enthusiasm while the audience is at the edge of there seats just waiting for more. Her unconventional style is a mix of light humor, heart felt stories, problem solving and action items with proven techniques to excel your success in life and business.

Maria is extremely thorough in her presentations. She adds interactive exercises to keep everyone engaged and involved. Maria speaks on a wide variety of topics. From corporate sales to soul searching she covers a vast amount of information within her expertise of living a life of purpose and prosperity. Her passion for assisting people live their best life is infectious. You will leave her seminars running high and feeling positive and empowered to do more and be more.

Topics of La Bella Vita Seminars:

Whether You Think You Can, Or Think You Can’t You Are Right

Maria explores mindset and how it effects performance. 

Get Your Food Right, Get Your Mood Right

How eating healthy nutritious food can change your mood. 

More Movement, More Momentum

Exercise releases endorphins and will help to excel your effectiveness.

3 Simple Steps To Sales

Analyzing how to improve your employees sales.

Employee Empowerment

Instilling passion in your employees to create a more productive team. 

How Do I book Maria Spadafora to speak?

The benefits for your audience are abundant. She helps people with personal development and boosting their confidence. Opening their mind to answer the hard questions and think critically. Helping people improve communication skills and expand their ability to make social and professional connections. Action items and work sheets to get their goals prioritized with a step by step system to promote growth.

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Why do I need a Public Speaker at my event?

Having Maria speak at your event helps your audience to form connections. Her speeches influence decisions, and motivate change. 

Hiring a Public Speaker

Empower your Edmonton audience by hiring Maria Spadafora – A Top Motivational Speaker. Whether you’re looking for a moral boost, help in reaching company goals using Corporate Wellness, or a plan for your sales team, she can help.

Reach out with the date, time, duration of seminar along with any budget you may have planned to help secure Maria as a Public Speaker at your upcoming event.

An Orator

Maria is a natural public speaker. She is skilled and passionate with words. 

Her speeches are forceful and smooth.

Choosing a Lecture

Maria’s Wellness Seminars include topics such as “ Whether You Think You Can, Or Think You Can’t You Are Right”, “ Get Your Food Right, Get Your Mood Right”, “More Movement, More Momentum” to name a few. Some of her Corporate Seminar Topics include “ 3 Simple Steps To Sales”, “Health Is Wealth”, “Employee Empowerment”, “Success Strategy”. Her more universal presentation include “ Healing from the Hearth”, “ Find Yourself” “Self worth, Self Love”, and of course “ A Beautiful Life Is Yours For The Making”

Maria’s Seminars:

Maria Spadafora has a zest for life and brings love and light in every conversation she has. She acts with character and integrity to exceed expectations. She loves to connect with people from all walks of life and can make others feel comfortable with her empathic and understanding nature. Her ability to educate and motivate people is her life purpose and she does it with her whole heart. Her goal is to change the world. One day, one person, one presentation at a time.