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La Bella Vita’s Wellness Program is a wholistic approach to Health and Wellness.

Our Corporate Wellness Program is a staple in many large successful companies as a way to attract top talent, keep staff happy and productive, and increase employee retention.

Why your Edmonton company should have a Wellness Program:

Happy & Healthy

Keeping your employees happy and healthy gives your company the edge and power to stay progressive and profitable in todays business. Health is the new wealth, and it is vital for companies to understand and implement programs for the staff’s wellbeing. In fact, 80% of employees at companies with a robust health and wellness program feel engaged, and cared for by their employers.


At length, employee wellness impacts the bottom line directly. Harvard business review reported for every dollar invested in Health and Wellness initiatives saw a $6 savings in healthcare alone. If you are looking for a safe investment that is minimum risk and the greatest return – Invest in your staff! They are worth it and you can afford it. 

Starting Out

When employees feel that they are truly cared for, they consistently give you their best work. If you currently don’t have a wellness program in place, I suggest a slower start of more “fun” activities to get everyone on board. However, I have an abundance of great ideas that we can implement that not only make your employees feel great, but make your company stand out in the health and wellness community.


A successful wellness program can have its struggles. If you can’t get your team engaged and excited in the wellness program your efforts could fall flat. We want to make your initiatives fun and interactive. Remember, a well-intentioned wellness idea with zero participation is a waste of everyone’s time — and your company’s money. Giving a list to employees and seeing what they would like to participate in is a great place to start. Trying new ideas and promoting feedback will show you what your team is enjoying. Getting their input also makes them feel valued, an appreciated.

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness refers to programs, policies, benefits, and environmental support designed to amp up the health and safety of all employees. La Bella Vita Corporate wellness programs provide information to help your employees make healthy lifestyle choices.

Maria Spadafora Professional Wellness Coach

Maria brings a special energy to corporate wellness. Her Edmonton based corporate wellness program is a comprehensive, strategically designed investment in employees’ social, mental, and physical health that pays off. Investing in your employees is a strategic move that creates healthy employees. 

Educating Employees

Healthy Employees stay at your company. They also cost less, organizations with highly effective wellness programs report significantly lower costs in benefits and compensation. Passes to gyms and nutrition information in the cafeteria are not enough, a full Wellness program includes educating your Edmonton employees. Create a culture of health using La Bella Vita Wellness’ passionate, persistent, and persuasive leadership.

Contact Maria Spadafora today on how to create a Wellness Program

Work with an expert who will develop and coordinate a clear, comprehensive wellness program. She will then continuously circulate it throughout your organization, and measures its effectiveness. Maria is a Wellness Coach who will connect her health expertise to the culture and strategy of your organization. Maria is collaborative, she will work with staff and managers to be analytical of the changes created by your wellness program and your employees performance.