Maria Spadafora

Wellness Coach

A beautiful life is yours for the making

Hello! I’m Maria Spadafora.

I’m an Edmonton-based, certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist. I’m focused on assisting people to find life balance as I advocate self love, promoting peace, passion, and prosperity.

The Mind. The Body. The Soul.

Want to know a little more about how I got here?

My Story

I didn’t settle for second and had to be the best at everything. That work ethic and determination to succeed has forever formed who I am and allowed me great success in many areas of life.

When you grow up in a war zone your brain goes into is kinsteyic state. It’s fight or flight! And when you are surrounded by fear… you can forget everything and run, or face everything and rise. I decided I would fight! And I would win, and that is how I developed my warrior within.

I started working young! At 15 I scrubbed toilets at the hospital in the summers, worked at McDonalds 5 days a week, and modelled on weekends. This all while going to school, being the MVP of my basketball team and still had a bf and attended parties. Talk about time management at its finest. Better busy than bored I always say. Being a type A personality has its perks! Despite the many obstacles and set backs life threw at me I persevered through a long list of goals. broke records at every job I had, bought my first home at 21 and was making a 6 figure income by 23 years old. Not bad for a girl from the North side. 

By 28 I accomplished all the goals I Set for myself when I was 12! I had the professional job, that came with a title, and office. I wore suits and had a big book of business. I got the big beautiful home I always wanted. The rental properties. The fiancé. The dogs. The whole pretty perfect picture.

Then guess what…..??? I WAS MISERABLE!
Huh? How I asked myself? Everything around me was awesome!!! I worked so hard! I gave it all of me, Im finally here! How? how was I crying in my car by myself?!
For the first time in my life, everything was great? And that was true, although everything was great- I wasn’t. Somewhere in working 12 plus hours a day and giving my all to everyone around me I lost myself. I stopped doing the things that made me truly happy. I was completely stressed out. I hadn’t been feeding my mind what it loved. Poetry, Music, knowledge, art. I wasn’t treating my body properly. Overeating garbage food and not exercising. All well starving my soul by not giving it what is desired. Passion. Purpose. Peace.

My Values & Beliefs


The things in your life are not happening to you. Take accountability and you can take charge of your life. Be responsible for what happens to you.


Adapt and be able to adjust to new conditions. Allow yourself to change for new situations.


It is a mental attitude that sees the good and the accomplishments in your life, rather than the negative and the failures. A positive attitude is a mindset that helps you see and recognize opportunities. Positive attitude means positive thinking. It is optimism and maintaining a positive mindset.

My Life Has Changed!

That was it! I got a personal fitness trainer, started eating better, and made a goal that I would open my mind and find what truly made my heart happy.

Didn’t take long to realize the only time I am truly full Is when I’m helping people. I’m an empathic person and I love bringing out the best in people in whatever area they struggle. That is why I offer all aspects of life balance. Whether it’s fitness health and diet, or counselling and coaching. Or the whole transformation. Mind, Body, Soul. They are equally important.

Do you find your so busy you don’t make time for yourself ? Are you working too much and exhausted afterwards? Have you put on weight and have trouble losing it? Is there distance in your relationship? Do you lack motivation? Are you just not happy?

That’s what life coaching will do for you. It will change your whole life – if you want it to! We dig deep past the kintetic brain, through the emotional brain and bring you into the visual. The vision. It’s there! We all just need help having it pulled out. We have the answers. There within us. And with a proper coach together we can bring you to a better place and get you to the best version of you! Your authentic self. Somebody to keep you accountable for your goals, and encourage you to make time for your passions. Having somebody to talk to without judgment who assists in solutions that will save your spirit. And that’s just the start! Change start with you.

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