Prolific Sports Academy

Coaching the Next Generation

Summer 2021

Prolific Sports Academy is the first of its kind in Canada.

This program runs throughout the entire summer to ensure your children not only excel in their athletic goals but set them up for success for the rest of their lives.

Our Expert Trainers

Mobility & Flexibility

Concentrating on your mobility and flexibility reduces the risk of injury. This is crucial to your future success in athletics.

Basketball Trainers

Working hand eye coordination, to increase performance. More than drills, it will focus on the building blocks of being a successful basketball player.

Pro Sprinters

Faster than a speeding bullet. Having pro sprinters come in to teach you the proper runnig techniques will increase your speed and indurance. 

Pro Football

Professional Football players from different positions will be doing role specific training.  Coming from both the CFL and NFL, their knowledge will excell your performance.

What’s our focus?

Strength, speed, agility, and mindset! That is why this elite academy is beneficial to all athletes looking for that competitive edge against the competition. When you are stronger than your opponent you are hard to stop. When you faster you are hard to catch. In all sports those first 3 steps are crucial for getting open and making a play. As important as that is to be an amazing athlete what really separates the best from the rest is mindset! A positive attitude and belief in yourself ignites the drive to keep pushing through the pain, giving 100% of yourself in all that you do. That relentless determination to know better, do better, and be better than you were yesterday. Your children will get all this and more when attending the Prolific Sports Academy.

Maria Spadafora Professional Wellness Coach

Maria leads the way with this amazing program. She brings in the BEST trainers in the business in all fields of expertise. Our star trainer is Toby Ziegler, who had made it on to play college and professional football. He is also very well versed is track, basketball, and hockey. Over 12 years experience he has proven to be the elite trainer among trainers. Together they bring the very best out of your little athletes and assisting them achieve greatness.

Inspiring Role Models

Prolific Sports Academy is driven on athletic excellence and offers a full comprehensive package to set these young athletes up for success. Training will commence twice a week for 4 hours. Each session will have 3 hours of hard training, and 1 hour that includes a mix of stretching, meditation, and exercises for mental manifestation. It will include a custom nutrition plan and a custom work out plan that will guarantee huge results when followed. All athletes will be assessed and tested and receive their 4-week report card that will outline there growth and success that was achieved in only 24hrs of elite training. As an incredible bonus they will receive a personal one-hour life coaching session with Maria that includes action items to set them up for their athlete and school year.

Most student athletes will take the summer break and not do much to better themselves. Not your Child!

Your child athlete will go into the school year top of their game! Stronger, faster, agile, and with an attitude of gratitude and greatness! They will learn to dig deep within themselves and harness the immense amount of potential within. They can achieve what they believe! They are our future. The power is within the youth. And at this age the opportunities and time is of abundance. Lets make sure they have the skills to capture all the blessing life has in store for them.