1 On 1 Life Coaching with Maria Spadafora

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A beautiful life is yours for the making

Feel like it’s time to make a change in your life, but can’t seem to find the way?

I will help you find success through personalized coaching.

What Is Life Coaching?

Goal Setting

Creating goals to get what you want out of your life.

Relationship Coaching

Develop the skills to deal with the people in your life in a better way.

Stress Management

Learn how to deal with stress and convert that energy to become positive and productive.

Career Advice

Get direction on your career so you can be on the path you want.

My Approach

Hello! Welcome to my site. I am Maria Spadafora. I am a certified life and wellness coach. I am focused on assisting people find a life balance as an advocate of self love. Promoting peace, passions, and prosperity back into your days. The Mind. The Body. The Soul.

I want you to picture your version of a beautiful life…. Now, I want to ask you if you’re not there now…. WHY???? Are you close? Do you have a plan of action? Or did you have a problem even getting to that thought with a mind filled with tasks and responsibilities.

Let me help!

As a life coach my we dig deep past the reticular (kinesthetic brain), through the Limbic/ Mammalian (emotional brain), and bring into the Cerebral Cortex (Visual Brain). THE VISION. YOUR VISION. Its there. We all just need help having it pulled out. We have the answers to our heats desire. They are within us. And with a proper coach together we can bring you to a better place and get you to the best version of you! Your true authentic self.

Sometimes we have to be brave enough to outgrow the life we have, to have the life we want. Today is the last day you downgrade your dreams to fit your reality. Let’s upgrade your conviction to match your true destiny.



Edmonton’s Best Life Coach

Best in Edmonton

How It Works

Schedule a free 1:1

The first step on your life goals journey is to set up a 1-2-1 with Maria Spadafora to discuss your life and where you would like to be. We will chat about what your goals are and the path that will get you there.

Choose your plan for coaching

La Bella Vita Wellness has three different life packages for you to choose from depending upon your goals, timeline and accountability. Choose the plan that works best for your life and let’s get started!

Work toward your goals

Are you ready to feel amazing? Reaching your life goals provides a natural endorphin rush. See the changes you can make by sticking to the promises you make to yourself with a structured plan and career regimene.

How much does it cost?


6 Session Coaching Package

Complimentary Intro Session
6 Coaching Sessions
Suggested Twice Monthly for 3 Months



12 Session Coaching Package

Complimentary Intro Session
12 Coaching Sessions
Suggested Twice Monthly for 6 Months



24 Session Coaching Package

Complimentary Intro Session
24 Coaching Sessions
Suggested Twice Monthly for 1 Year


*More Details

As a life coach, Maria will work with you to determine your goals. She will help you to develop a path to reach them. Setting you up for success using proven techniques and methods that have shown to get amazing results in a short period of time. Analyzing where improvements can be made to hold you accountable to your goals.

We highly recommend starting with at least the Gold Life Coaching Package. Many of our clients go for the Platinum Life Coaching Package due to the  discounted rate!

Whatever your choice, you are still investing in yourself. Choosing a better you and a better life.