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Frequently Asked

How can a Wellness Coach help me?

A wellness coach will not only assist you in achieving your goals, but help you find out what they really are. We help you create a plan of action and use proven techniques that will elevate your mindset to pursue your vision. We assist you get over mental hurdles and self doubt. Give you clarity and focus to your heart felt desires. Confidence and conviction to set your sights on the life you want, and help you find balance within it. Not only your life, and business but your overall health and wellness. To live in a life of passion, purpose and prosperity. 

How Can I get Maria Spadafora to Speak at My Next Event?

Contact Maria to speak at your next event! Are you looking for a motivational speaker that can really energize a crowd? Do you want help with getting your sales team to the next level ? Are you in need of some team building and a sense of community in your corporation. Maria provides an abundance of knowledge and genuinely cares about the health and wellness of you, and your staff. Maria can also speak about the effects of abuse, addiction, and trauma. She motivates people who have endured suffering and pain and speaks about not being a survivor of this- but a warrior. Giving people support, and hope, and motivating them to feel, heal, and then push forward in their lives. 

What difference can Corporate Wellness Make?

Corporate Wellness is like a doctor to your business. When was your last check up? 

It is important to have healthy and happy staff. This not only increases employee retention, but skyrockets employee performance. Your staff wants to feel appreciated and valued. Your top performers or managers need coaching and a plan of action to continue to excel.  By incorporating La Bella Vita’s Corporate Wellness  package you can be sure that your company stays in good health. For every dollar spent on corporate wellness the return in investment is $1.75-$3.25. Corporate Wellness is not only great for your employees, it is awesome for business. 

Why Work with a Personal Trainer instead of Going to the Gym on my Own?

Having a personal fitness trainer enhances your motivation. You have a cheerleader right there with you keeping you accountable. You have an expert that is not only supporting you but ensuring you are doing things correctly to prevent any injuries. Safety first! And form is very important. You have a professional educate you on how and why you are doing certain exercises. You also get efficient workouts that are tailored for your needs that really kick your butt. We continue to push you to the next level and your more likely to see rapid results. 

How is Nutrition important to my Fitness Goals?

Nutrition is the backbone of your health and wellness goals. 80% of your results is diet. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle or both. A personalized nutrition plan, meal prep and tracking your food is essential. Also proper nutrition has a huge affect on your mental well being. Fueling your body with proper food is not only needed for the results in the mirror but the clarity between the ears. When you eat good, you feel good. And you don’t have to deal with the ups and downs of yo-yo dieting. Hiring a wellness coach can help you with a life style change that still allows you to eat the foods you love and see the results you crave. 

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