Do you hate drinking water?
January 6, 2021
I need a drink of water

Do you hate drinking Water?

Ugh, Gross. I just don’t like water. I hate it. I can’t seem to get my daily water intake in a day. I hate the taste.


I hear this all to often.

I would like to start by saying… I am sorry, but I do not relate. I am obsessed with water. My fiancé calls me the water girl. I easily drink 3 litres a day. On a bad day. I am usually a 5-6 litres a day girl without even trying. Since I was young, I did not like milk, juice, or pop. Lucky me, I guess.

But just because I cannot relate does not mean I don’t sympathize with you. Hell, if someone was telling me to consume a large amount of something I didn’t like I wouldn’t want to do it either. So I do understand.

Solutions! Where there is a problem there is always a solution! So first, I will let you know some the important benefits of water, and then some tips and tricks to get you drinking your daily recommended intake.

Let’s start by letting you know your body is 60% water, and our blood is 90%. I think we can all agree that is a lot. Our bodies literally run off water. It is essential for kidneys and other bodily functions including your digestive system and waste management. It flushes out our toxins and allows the body to cleanse itself. It cushions the brain, spinal cord, lubricates the joints, regulates body temperature, and maintains blood pressure. Wow. That is pretty incredible if you ask me.

But Wait. There’s more!

I need a drink of water

What are the benefits of drinking Water regularly?

Weight Loss. Yesssss. It speeds up weight loss by increasing your metabolism. Take that scale!

Muscle Repair. It is needed to build and repair muscle. Better recovery time means better muscles faster. Its go time all the time.

Hair growth. Want long healthy hair? Well water promotes hair growth. So if you want nice locks, lock into the water consumption.

Reusable eco friendly water bottle

Nice Skin. Healthier glowing skin and a clear completion is one of the many perks of this liquid gold. Say no to wrinkles and yes to water.

Better Mood. Yes that’s right. Water is a natural re-energizer and it uplifts you mood. Wahoooo.

Concentration. More alert and focused. Probably cause you won’t get headaches as much. A well hydrated mind is sharp and productive.

I would love to think that the above examples are reason enough to gulp the stuff down but hey, I am a realist. So for the people who clicked on this blog because they HATE water. Here is some things you can try. And hopefully you’ll be hydrated and happy in no time.

How to get more Water into your diet using other beverages:

Tea. If you don’t like water, get some flavoured decaffeinated teas! Many are very tasty on its own. You don’t want to add sugar. You can even cool in the fridge so you always have a nice fresh water based beverage.

Carbonated. Although I don’t promote this as carbocation is not very good for the body at all. It is still water, and some is better than none. So for my people who can’t give up their bubbles this a much better alternative than pop.

Infused Water

Flavored. Put some strawberries and mint or cucumbers in your water and let it infuse over night. Or I suggest using a no calorie natural sweetener like stevia. So many flavours, and no calories to my juice lovers.

Fruits and Veggies! Many are primarily water based. Cucumbers, celery, watermelon, salad, ect. Not only do you get a little more water, your eating nice clean and fresh food.

Soup. Low calorie broth based soups will be best to get that water intake up and not add a lot of calories.

I know change can be hard. But dehydration makes you tired, lazy, scattered, gives you headaches, constipation, and lowers your immune system. It slows weight loss, recovery time, and cognitive ability. So I am sorry you hate water, but you can’t say you don’t LOVE all the benefits! So drink up. Try these tricks and stay hydrated and healthy my friends.

If you found benefit in my blog today or have feedback or suggestions for my next nutrition blog. Email me!

Maria Spadafora
La Bella Vita