I Dont Want To Get Bulky! No Thanks
December 9, 2020

I Don’t Want to get Bulky! No Thanks!

Oh dear, how I wish I got a dollar for every lady that I heard say “I don’t want to get bulky”. I’d be a millionaire! Its amazing the misconception people (especially my beautiful ladies) have out there about fitness and weight lifting. “Weights will make me BIG!” “I don’t want to have man arms!” “Big muscles aren’t feminine!” So to the treadmill they go to do countless hours of cardio and not getting the results they actually desire. The slim waist, the flat tummy, the nice curves, and the perky backside that they really wanted.

Im going to let you in on a little secret….. Psss: Weights do not make you bulky, they do not make you big, and they certainly do not make you less feminine. Trust me. I am 6’1 with an athletic build naturally (I say naturally but it could be years in my youth of sports) however I DONT WANT TO LOOK BIGGER EITHER. Wow, I am already a whole lot of lady! The last thing I want is to look masculine. So lets just get that out of way. I completely understand and no, I too don’t want to look or be “bulky” either.

Soooooo… What do I want to look like? Personally, I like to look lean, fit, and healthy. Everyone has their own idea of an ideal body type and that is where you should start. Your goals. That is where a professional fitness trainer really comes in handy. It is well worth the cost. You are investing in yourself. Your health and wellness. Your body. And with that comes so many other benefits. More confidence, a better mood, better sleep, mental and emotional wellbeing and of course….the reflection of yourself in the mirror gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. A good trainer is not just a work out dictator. A good trainer is a coach, and a real catch so if you find someone good stick with them.

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So lets dive into the benefits and misconceptions of weight lifting as part of a exercise regime.

First. If you don’t want to get bulky, it is really simple. Do not take testosterone. As Women, we do not naturally produce enough testosterone to get big bulky muscles like men do. Another thing to avoid would be max weight for 1-4 reps. Trust me if you can lift the weight for 15 reps, it is not too heavy and develops nice long and lean muscles to have that fit and toned body.

Next, what I hear a lot is “I just want to tone” Toning your muscles requires some sort of resistance. It can be body weight such as squats, and pushups, using bands and the trx! This is a wonderful place to start, however you will see in a short time that this will get easy. And if it is not challenging you, it is not changing you. You will plateau, and stop seeing results without up’ing your game! So a great way to get that nice toned body and the results you crave is a mix of weights, and cardio.

I keep saying weights…but why? Well, here it is. Not only does it give you that nice toned body, it also makes you stronger. So it makes daily activities easier and prevents injuries not only now but as you age. As we age we continue to lose muscle mass. This is not good. The less muscle you have the less calories your body burns in a stagnant state. Which means you have to eat less and less calories and still may end up gaining weight. And not good weight! Fat. The more muscle you have the more fat you burn! YESSSS! This is the goal right? We want to get rid of the love handles, the bottom belly pooch, the flabby arms, the rubbing thighs! Well. Then weights is your answer. Also, strong muscle mass protects your bones and joints! You are less susceptible to injury, bad knees, throwing your shoulder out and back issues! Strong is sexy and strong does not mean big or bulky. You can keep those feminine curves and have a fit bod!

Speaking of curves… Lets talk about booty ya’ll. Unless you are naturally blessed with a beautiful apple bottom (by the way if you are – I hate you LOL) You are going to have to WORK FOR IT. And steady state cardio like jogging, running, and the elliptical is not your friend. When you run your butt off…. You actually run your butt off! So if you want to have that vivacious curvacious bod with the backside to match, then heavy weights for the glutes is where it is at! Also, instead of steady cardio, doing box jumps, sprints, and stairs will help keep your booty gains all well helping shed that unwanted fat.

So lets talk about spot training. Can you spot train… Yes and no. You may have heard this before but you can’t just pick and choose where your body stores fat. Omg I wish. Can all my fat go to ladies and derriere please !??? But unfortunately no. You can’t just make your waist smaller and keep everything else. You can’t loose a bunch of weight and keep the same breast size. It is what is it. You can’t just target one area of fat. That you don’t have control of. What do you have control off…? Where you can build muscle!!! Again. Weight training. If your goal is have a smaller waist. Then yes, weight loss and diet is extremely important. But as I said, you will lose weight everywhere and your waist to hip ratio will look very similar. Good news: You can target train muscles!! Yayyy. That means if you want your waist to look smaller, working on your legs and butt to get them bigger, and toning your shoulders and lats are going to give you the hourglass shape you are trying to achieve. By measurement your waist may be the same but if your legs and shoulders and lats are larger in comparison then your waist will look small. Growing muscles is GREAT! And can give you the shape you want.

Hopefully this cleared up some misconceptions about weight training and how it works.
Now let me tell you lovely readers some more benefits and why I absolutely love weights.

When done correctly weights improve your posture! Posture is so important, not only for core but for appearance. Good posture equals confidence. And nothing is sexier than confidence. I promise no matter your size, or shape confidence will always look good on everyone. Bonus: Good posture makes people look 10 pounds smaller (a whole size!!) Omg thats amazing. No wonder it automatically gives you confidence! You are looking great.

Better sleep! Sleep is so important not only on your physical health but on your mental sanity as well. Better sleep means more time for your body to repair muscles, and ward off all kinds of illness. It is so important for your immune system, not to mention your cognitive health and wellbeing. Well rested people are alert and productive! And it helps reduce stress levels!

Stress! Exercise is a natural stress reliever. Fact:  its a form of therapy for the body and mind. And when lifting weights you also produce adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. These are the feel good hormones. Yay. It also stops /limits the produce of cortisone which is a stress hormone fat hoarding jerk that is the reason many people in high stress jobs end up gaining weight even if there diet didn’t change. It is the reason for most peoples anxiety as well. So, We don’t want that guy around at all. When you lift weights its like you lift burdens and stress away. Incredible right?

Boosting Metabolism! This one is double amazing because not only does lifting weights help you gain muscle and burn calories, it also keeps your metabolism going on high for 24-48hrs after the work out!! What??? Burning extra calories even when I am not exercising… YES PLEASE. As we get older our metabolism will slow down, this helps it speed right back up.

Weight Loss ! When you lift weights you not only loss weight you loss FAT!! On average for every 10 pounds somebody losses they lose 3 pounds of muscle (uh oh…. Thats not good- you don’t want to lose muscle) When you weight train, you are keeping and building muscle all well losing fat! The great thing is it helps you maintain your weight as you burn more calories the more muscle you have.

I honestly could go through an abundance of more reasons that weight lifting is so good for your health and wellness. The other health benefits are to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, help control diabetes, heart health, cancer, starving off chronic diseases, lowering inflammation, gaining bone density, decreased risk of injury, mental clarity and the list goes on and on.

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So lift weights ladies, and throw away all the misconceptions of this whole bulky talky. Its flat out not true! The truth is that weight training along with a good diet will have you looking and feeling better than ever! If you don’t know where to start, feel free to contact me for a free consultation. Your health is your wealth. Invest in yourself. You deserve it and you are worth it.

Maria Spadafora
La Bella Vita