Edmonton Personal Trainer & Life Coach

Edmonton Personal Trainer, Life Coach, and Nutrition Specialist

Edmonton Personal Trainer
Hi, I’m Maria Spadafora! I am a wellness coach, and I specialize in personal fitness training, nutrition, and life coaching. My goal is to help people achieve balance, self love, and lead healthy and happy lifestyles.
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Healthy diet for body as well as for mind.
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Taking care of your body is important.
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More of a friend than a health coach.
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Broad experience is always a bonus.

My Services

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21 Day Wellness Challenge

A Holistic Approach to Wellness that
Includes Diet Plan, Boot Camps, Meditation, & more!

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Huge Selection Of Green Coffees and Herbal Teas!

Our shop products will ensure you get the highest quality of goods aimed at correcting your shape and improving your general mood and well-being.

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