Lost 22 Pounds in 3 Months
Name:Tiffany L.
Family Status:Married
Hometown:Edmonton, Alberta
Starting Weight:165 pounds
Current Weight:143 pounds
Current Waist Size:34"

Tiffany’s Story:


“After months of doing it on my own and seeing little results in the gym I decided to hire a professional. All I can say is WOW! Maria is absolutely amazing! I thought I was going to get somebody to push me at the gym, and teach me what the heck I was doing. And I did get that…. But I got so much more. Her personal training style is awesome. She is always getting me to do new stuff and challenging me in ways I never thought possible. She did an assessment and really cared about my goals. She is honestly just so much fun, and FUNNY! Tbh, I would pay just to hang out with her for an hour because its always a good time. Her mealprep and diet instruction was perfect. I gave her a list of what I eat and like to eat and she came over and taught me how to meal prep. Saving me so much money and time. Proud to say I am 22 pounds down in 3 months. I feel so much stronger and I am motivated to get the last 10 off and be the same weight I was in my early 20s. Plus, her coaching session that she included really opened my eyes and mind. I am now pursuing a few things that I never felt I had time for. She made me put me first. My dreams, my aspirations, my happiness, my health and well being. As a mom of 4 I really let myself go in so many ways. I thought everyone had to come before me. Since training with her I am in such a good place. My husband is happy, my kids are happy, and finally- I AM HAPPY! Didn’t realize how much having a balance in life really changes everything. Thank you, Maria, for being you! And pushing me to be the best me. There is no way I could ever repay you for all you have done. I am so grateful I met you!”