Shanley Found Balance and Loves Herself Again
Name:Shanley W.
Family Status:Dating
Occupation:Dental Assistant
Hometown:Edmonton, Alberta
Starting Weight:166 pounds
Current Weight:132 pounds
Current Waist Size:32"

Shanley’s Story:


I have been a client of Maria’s for the past six months and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use her as my life coach and personal trainer.

Maria really has a way in bringing out the best in people. She challenges me without being over bearing and her motivation, kindness, and happy attitude has brought me so far already. I feel great and grateful to have her in my life! She has really become the bright side of my life. I know its going to be an awesome day and week when we have our sessions!

With Maria, it almost doesn’t seem like work. More like a trusted friend that you can confide in that will push you to answer the tough questions. She has a very giving and understanding way that you can’t help but want her in your life. She has assisted me with finally finding balance in my life. Not only following my passions but helping me find what they even were! Maria gets you to make your own plans to achieve your goals. Sometimes its baby steps, sometimes it’s a huge leap but wither way she makes you find yourself, believe in yourself and actually love yourself again. Its been a wonderful relationship, and I will continue to use her and tell everyone how incredible and life changing life coaching with Maria is.