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Ashley’s Story:


I met Maria a few years ago through a networking event. When I ran into her a last year I couldn’t believe her transformation. I was so inspired. She looked amazing and although she always had a happy attitude, she was even more full of energy and just had this glow to her. I am not big on working out. I don’t mind walks but weights and all that gym stuff is not my friend. I went to her for a nutrition plan and could not be happier!!! I have lost 60 pounds in just over 6 months following her diet. She came to my home and helped me with meal prep. I never wanted to just eat chicken and salad for all my meals and she made sure I had a ton of options of food I really liked! Her recipes were delicious and really fair portions.  Its really not a diet. I feel I eat more on her “diet” than I did before! I’m never hungry and the weight just fell off. She was right about exercise though. My goal is to lose 100 pounds and she did say without weights and exercise I risk lose skin. I am noticing I am starting to get that so next month I am going to start training with her as well. She’s been right about everything else so I trust her. I know she’ll keep it fun and try and do things I like. Heck – I am a dessert junkie and she even told me I get to have a treat a day!! She never excluded my favorite food. She really promotes life balance, so I will give training a try. Wish me luck!

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