Personal Training Program

Welcome to the La Bella Vita Personal Training Program

Physical activity is essential for living a happy and healthy life style. A personalized fitness program with a professional trainer you are sure to improve strength and your immune system, have more energy to carry out daily activities, build muscle, and get to your desired fitness goals. Being active not only affects the body but the mind as well. Daily physical activity increases brain function by up to 80%! It has been shown to improve memory, alertness, and mood well decreasing stress, anxiety and depression.

Having a personal fitness trainer will help keep you accountable and motivated. More importantly, you learn how to do the exercises correctly with proper technique and form reducing the risk of injury. Regular exercise doesn’t only make you look awesome, it makes you feel amazing. Whether your goals are to build muscle, reduce fat, or a combination of the two- I got you! Its either one day, or day one- you decide!

Regular Consultations

One on one health coaching is incredibly effective tool to keep you accountable

Online Training Available

Ready to get started but have a variable schedule or just want to go at your own pace? Online training may be right for you!

Personal Training Program Focus

Weight Loss
Muscle Building

Session Pricing

Pay Per Session

$65 /hour

  • Train on your own schedule.
  • Get specialized advice and mentorship.
  • Learn fast and improve at your own rate.

* Depending on requirements prices may change. For more details call 780-886-6543 or fill out a Contact Form.

Package Pricing

Package A


  • Complimentary Intro Session
  • 8 Training Sessions
  • 1 Life Coaching Session ($200 Value)
  • 1 Nutrition Session ($100 Value)
  • Suggested 1 Month Package
  • Training 2x a Week
  • $120 Weekly Investment
Package B


  • Complimentary Intro Session
  • 36 Training Sessions
  • 3 Life Coaching Session ($600 Value)
  • 3 Nutrition Session ($300 Value)
  • Suggested 3 Month Package
  • Training 3x a Week
  • $165 Weekly Investment
Package C


  • Complimentary Intro Session
  • 200 Training Sessions
  • 12 Life Coaching Session ($2470 Value)
  • 12 Nutrition Session ($1200 Value)
  • Suggested Yearly Package
  • Training 4x a Week
  • $208 Weekly Investment

* Depending on requirements prices may change. For more details call 780-886-6543 or fill out a Contact Form.

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